Foreign visitors generally need visas before entering the Kingdom of Thailand.  Primary purpose of travel to Thailand will determine the type of visa and required documents for submission.  However, some citizens may be able to enjoy the benefit from Tourist Visa Exemption and a Visa on Arrival (VoA) scheme.  You may check your eligibility from the list of countries entitled for the Tourist Visa Exemption and Visa on Arrival to Thailand. (Click HERE)

For U.S. Passport Holders

          An applicant traveling with a U.S. passport does not require a tourist visa to enter Thailand for a period of no more than 30 days per visit.  For purposes other than tourism, an applicant is recommended to apply for an appropriate visa before entering the country.

For Non – U.S. Passport holders

          A permanent resident in the United States can file a visa application at the Consulate in New York.  A Non - U.S. permanent resident may be able to apply for visas if the passport are not issued by the countries appeared in the list of countries for special assessment. (Click HERE)


Visa issued by your respective embassies and consulates serves as a recommendation to an

immigration authority that your travel intent and period has been verified and approved in accordance with a visa approval guideline by the Thai Immigration Bureau.  Therefore, the visa, by itself, shall not be solely regarded as a guarantee to enter the country.  A permit to entry and period of stay is at the discretion of the immigration officer at a port of entry.  



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