Long Stay (O - A)




          - Three completed original visa application forms


          - Visa application fee


      - An applicant must be at least 50 years of age on the day of submitting application.

      - An applicant is not prohibited from entering the Kingdom of               Thailand as stated in the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979).

          - An applicant does not have criminal record in Thailand and the           country of the applicant’s nationality or residence.

          - An applicant must have the nationality of or residence in the               country where an application is being submitted.

          - An applicant does not have prohibitive diseases (Leprosy,                   Tuberculosis, Drug Addiction, Elephantiasis, and Third Phase of           Syphilis) as indicated in the Ministerial Regulation No. 14 B.E. 2535.

Required Documentation:

          - An original passport or Travel document with a validity date at least     eighteen months beyond the applicant's intended period of stay in       Thailand and has at least one completely empty page for visa             purpose

 - Three copies of passport with a validity date at least eighteen             months beyond the applicant's intended period of stay in Thailand

          - For Non-US citizen, a copy of US permanent resident card or a copy     of valid US visa         

          - Three 2"x 2" passport-type photographs

                   - Photographs should be of the full-face view, head and               shoulders only against a light background

                   - Print the name of the person on the back of the photographs

 - Evidence of sufficient funds is required. An original bank statement     showing deposit amount equal to and no less than 800,000 Thai           baht and an original letter of guarantee from the bank

-  Copy of evidence stating that applicants have insurance as                 stipulated by the Office of Insurance Commission and health               insurance of Thailand which has insurance coverage for outpatient       not less than 40,000 Baht and for inpatient not less than 400,000           Baht. Please check> for more information       regarding the insurance requirement.  

          - Three copies of criminal record (1 original and 2 copies) in good           conduct issued by local police, state police department, or Federal       Bureau of Investigation. The record issued by a private business           providing background check service may be accepted if conducted       by an FBI-Approved Channeler. Verification must be recent, not           more than three months (Online criminal record without an                 authorized signature is unacceptable.).

          - Three completed personal data forms

          - Three copies of medical certificate (1 original and 2 copies) form           completed by a doctor in the country of application reporting no           prohibitive diseases as indicated in the Ministerial Regulation No.14     (B.E. 2535). The certificate forms must be valid for not more than         three months.

- Three copies of flight confirmation or reservation indicates your             itinerary for your stay in Thailand

- Three copies of evidence of accommodation for your stay in Thailand




            A consular officer reserves the right to request additional documents as deemed necessary and also reserves the right to reject any application without any explanations.

          If an application wishes for a spouse who is not eligible for an O-A visa to accompany the applicant to Thailand, a marriage certificate is required. The spouse may be considered for a Non-Immigrant, Type O for temporary residence.

          Any supporting materials containing foreign language submitted to the consulate shall be accompanied by a full English language translation which a translator and an embassy have certified as complete and accurate.

         Upon arrival, holder of this type of visa will be permitted to stay in Thailand for 1 year from the date of first entry. During the one-year period, if he or she wishes to leave and re-enter the country, he or she is required to apply at the immigration office for re-entry permit (single or multiple) before departure. In the case of leaving the country without a re-entry permit, the permit to stay for 1 year shall be considered void.

       At the end of the 90-day stay, the foreigner must report to the immigration officer in his or her residence area and report again every 90 days during his or her stay in Thailand. The foreigner may report to the police station if there is no immigration office in his or her residence area.

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